"Until one has loved an animal, part of ones soul remains unawakened."

-Anatole France

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Paws Bereavement LLC came about after its founder Dennily Lerner LCSW, a practicing psychotherapist in the state of Arizona, saw a 

a gap in mental health services specific to pet loss.

This service closes that gap by providing a pet grief psychotherapy by licensed therapists who understand both professionally and personally the serious impact pet grief enacts on a persons ability to function. 


Paws Bereavement is committed to helping pet owners navigate the grief process, gain a deeper self understanding in connection to their pet that restores hope and peace. 

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We understand the difficulties of losing a pet, We're here for you!

How Paws Can Help

Paws Bereavement is an in-home/internet based mental health therapy service that helps clients emotionally adjust, plan for, and work through the pain that comes from losing a beloved pet.    Our trained therapists can provide coping tools to assist in management of distressing thoughts and feelings, apply evidence based interventions, and address other related mental health concerns that may surface as a result of grief and loss. 


 Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a profoundly difficult process. It is normal to not function as you once did for a period of time. Talking to a therapist can help you develop deeper insights about your loss and enable steps you can take to heal and move forward.  


"We are not disturbed by events that have happened, but by our opinions about them." Epictetus.  Together, we can discover new ways of viewing your loss and journey through different cognitive and emotional experiences that end in remembering your pet with love and joy.


Grief ends when when compassion and understanding stands in its place. The pain of grief is a journey and process in self discovery. Our Therapists can facilitate your ability to find new ways in relating to yourself and others.  



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