Dennily is a clinically licensed mental health therapist in the state of Arizona. She received her Master’s in Social Work with from Arizona State University and holds a Bachelors in Anthropology from the University of Buffalo.  She has extensive experience as a psychotherapist in both community out-patient treatment centers and in private practice. 

She has worked with adults/children/families and couples of all ages and backgrounds. Areas of competency generally include: Trauma, PTSD, adjustment disorders, attachment disorders, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, marital, relationship and family issues, sexual abuse, substance abuse, transgender issues, grief/loss, chronic pain, medical illness and serious mental illness. 


Dennily is passionate about helping clients achieve a healthier self perspective and skill set to interpret/manage thoughts and emotions from difficult circumstances. Dennily is also very passionate about animals and the positive impact a relationship with them can have on well-being. She understands how difficult it is to try to function in the world after a devastating loss and the toll it can take on emotional and physical states.  


With her  strong background in psychotherapy, she is able to navigate the emotional and cognitive complexities that can keep a client fixated or stuck in a particular phase of grief.  She is an evidence based practitioner and may use remedies that include but are not limited to: holistic, humanistic, cognitive and behavioral (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR),  and solution - focused therapies. 


Dennily is sensitive to client’s different backgrounds,  spiritual beliefs, relationship to their beloved pet, and other personal factors that are taken into consideration when collaborating on a treatment plan.   She believes therapy is ultimately about finding healthy ways to adjust to change.  Dennily uses her clinical expertise by inviting clients to investigate their own internal processes to develop new insights, perceptions, behaviors, and meaning that better equips them to handle life’s trials and tribulations.


   Dennily Lerner, LCSW


   Dennily Lerner, LCSW